Beatriz Tajuelo

Private Jet Broker

Hi! I’m Beatriz, I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I worked as a flight attendant for 11 years and, even though my life has shifted towards lifestyle and communication, I have always felt linked to the amazing world of aviation.

I collaborate with brands which I identify with as an ambassador, providing the value of a real, authentic and strong woman.

Travel is my greatest passion. I love discovering new hidden spots, hotels, restaurants, tasting good food and wine, arts & crafts, fashion, beauty and events. Lifestyle in general!

One of my favorite places is Menorca, where part of my family lives and where I travel frequently to enjoy the wonderful Balearic island. In addition, I have my own section in the island's Lifestyle magazine, ‘Mondo Menorca’.

I also travel frequently to Madrid, where I am ambassador of the beautiful Barrio de las Letras.

 My pending trip is Africa, where I’d love to take a safari and watch the wild animals roaming free. I would also return to each and every corner of Portugal, I am fascinated by that country. And of course, New York, New York, where each trip is a new surprise.


I am very enthusiastic, a dreamer, emotional and sensitive. Empathetic and positive. I love to design, create, dream and pursue my dreams. I always make some time for art, painting allows me to disconnect from everything and reconnect with myself. I enjoy the simple and little things in life.


My time has finally come to reconnect with the wonderful world of aviation, but this time to help you plan your trips. Contact me if you’d like to start planning yours, it will be my pleasure to assist you!

Languages: ES - EN

Buenos Aires



Conde de Aranda 10

28001 Madrid, Spain

+ 34 518 88 98 13

221 W Hallendale Beach Blvd 

Hallendale Beach FL


Hangar Uno - Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, Buenos Aires

+ 54 11 4871-4851

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