Imen Mouhly Gharbi

Private Jet Broker

I’m from Tunisia, born in the Capital in a business family. Ever since I was a child, I loved traveling, discovering new people, places and traditions. I have always been committed to learning and self-development. I started learning new languages at a very early age and was working with my father on vacations to broaden my knowledge. 

At that stage, I took my baccalaureate in mathematics then I did a bachelor degree in Finance, I was involved in different associations, mainly in planning big events like Seminars and Conferences. Meanwhile, I was traveling a lot and I did my internships in different countries around the world.

I then decided to expand my knowledge and I came to do my masters in Madrid where I met people from the aviation sector. That’s when I discovered the industry and quickly fell in love with it.

Shortly after, I had an experience in the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) in Madrid, where I had the good chance to participate in important events, and had the chance to join the amazing team of Welojets as a charter broker. 

Ever since I started I felt like I was made for it. I love what I do and I’m passionate about it, I’m honored to be a part of Welojets’s team where we all are dedicated to give our clients the highest level of satisfaction in every experience.

Languages: ES - EN - FR - AR

Buenos Aires



Conde de Aranda 10

28001 Madrid, Spain

+ 34 518 88 98 13

221 W Hallendale Beach Blvd 

Hallendale Beach FL


Hangar Uno - Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, Buenos Aires

+ 54 11 4871-4851

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