Juliana Cacciabue

Private Jet Broker

I was born in Rosario, Argentina, but currently reside in Madrid, Spain. During my childhood I grew up surrounded by airplanes as my father is a pilot. So, ever since I was a little girl, thanks to him, I have known the aeronautical environment and all its different areas. Aviation was indisputably in my blood, which is why I then became a Commercial Airline Pilot myself.

I am also very curious and always interested in learning new things and acquiring knowledge that will help me succeed in life, so besides being a pilot I also became a Tech. in Public Relations and a Specialist in Digital Communication & Social Media.

I am passionate about discovering new travel destinations, fashion, luxury and sports. I consider myself as a very visionary person, creative and responsible. And I love to work and collaborate as a part of a team.

I feel great pride in being part of Welojets for its team quality and professionalism.

Languages: ES - EN 

Buenos Aires



Conde de Aranda 10

28001 Madrid, Spain

+ 34 518 88 98 13

221 W Hallendale Beach Blvd 

Hallendale Beach FL


Hangar Uno - Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, Buenos Aires

+ 54 11 4871-4851

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