Matt Schrenck

Private Jet Broker

As a young boy, I realized aviation and air travel was my passion, and I've been in love with it ever since.

I am experienced in the industry both on ground and air. I started my career providing ground solutions for a big Canadian Airline. That was my first contact with aviation, and where I learned everything regarding airline and airport procedures. After that, I joined another big airline, but this time as an in-flight customer service. This position gave me the opportunity to learn everything that happens after take off, and where I understood safety should always be a priority.

I love providing outstanding customer service and finding right solutions for demanding clients. My key values are transparency, friendliness and professionalism. In my free time I exercise, and of course, enjoy traveling as much as I can. 

Today I am attending a Degree in Aviation Management in order to widen my knowledge and to provide me with the right tools to become a better professional of the industry day by day. 

I am thrilled to be working with WeloJets. This project is where I find my motivation, and where I can apply my knowledge and experience to make my passengers feel as comfortable as possible.

Languages: ES - EN - GR

Buenos Aires



Conde de Aranda 10

28001 Madrid, Spain

+ 34 518 88 98 13

800 Southeast 4th Avenue, 

 Miami, FL 33009 


Hangar Uno - Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, Buenos Aires

+ 54 11 4871-4851

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